The best dentist I have ever had!

Kevin love our dentist in Tijuana, she is the best Tijuana dentist ever!I am so happy with my dental work! Dr Criss is the best dentist I have ever had, (I’ve had too many). It’s not because she saved me money… It’s because of her quality of dentistry and education, the latest technology, and her commitment to holistic dental health. She is not just a dentist; she is a teacher an educator, someone who cares. For all these reasons and more I will always recommend Dr Criss to everyone I meet and know. You guys have a first class operation going on and I’m very impressed with it.

I had been facing problem with my smiling for more than 20 years. Then I heard about Smile Tijuana dentists. These people have done a splendid job. I have my smiling back with a fit and good mouth. Thank you, Smile Tijuana.
-Kevin S., San Diego

I highly recommend Smile Tijuana dentists

No one likes to go to the dentist – especially me, but it recently became absolutely necessary due to a bad tooth-filling that that had become infected. Criss’s calming and caring manor really helped to take the stress out of a rather unpleasant procedure. I’m very health conscious and do a lot of my own research so it was great to find someone who keeps up with the latest developments in holistic dentistry. Thanks to that, I didn’t have to endure toxic fluoride (ie. rat poison) during my visit or a heavy-metal (mercury) in my tooth when it was all over.

I know some people have fears about Tijuana – but I honestly didn’t see what the fuss was all about.

Did I find any great difference in quality between dentists in the USA and Criss in TJ? You bet! Criss is far more meticulous and you won’t need to take out a bank-loan when it comes time to pay!

I highly recommend “Smile Tijuana dentists”.

-Cameron H., Las Vegas

Less expensive than in the US while better quality!

Dentists in Tijuana dentist are as good as North American dentistsCriss is by far the best dentist I have had the chance to find! She is much above averaged competent and detailed, and caring. In spite of a high quality treatment, the cost is way less than U.S. The quality of her treatment is so good that you can think of crossing the border without hesitation.

I highly recommend Criss Melendrez at Smile Tijuana Dentists.

-Marina A., Los Angeles

I couldn’t be happier with my new smile!

Just a quick note to thank you again for all the beautiful dental work this past year. I could not be happier with my new smile – 24 new zirconia crowns! I smile a lot more now and my family is very impressed – it is such a pleasure to not think about poor looking teeth anymore.

The root canal areas healed beautifully and all the care you took with measuring bite articulation paid off, as it’s easy and natural to chew.

There have been no problems and I have only good memories of your hard work, your lab, the Hotel Lucerna and Tijuana overall. It has been exciting to move past the “teeth problem” with the aid of your skills and determined effort.

-Ken H., Los Angeles

She is an amazing dentist!

I was in Tijuana for 10 day having my teeth fixed. I found Dr Criss very detail oriented all steps on the way and dedicated. I though I had a really good dentist in Canada, but Dr Criss really top it off! Now the work is done and I’m so happy with my new teeth, they look so good!

The type of material she uses is top of the line compare with everything I ever seen before: my crowns look like jewels. Also, I was very pleased and touched by the way she took care of me. She is amazing! I never though that such dentist could exist!

I recommend Dr Criss to anyone who wants to have the best!

-Hélène L., Valcourt, Canada

Top-notch dentist in Tijuana!

From beginning to end, my experience with Dr.Criss Melendrez at Smile Tijuana was comfortable and top-notch.

I saw Dr. Melendrez to have a mouthful of amalgams removed and replaced with a non-toxic composite. Her offices are clean, nicely decorated, and entirely up-to-date. Dr. Melendrez speaks English as do her two very nice assistants Ruby and Ari.

After x-rays and an examination, Dr. Melendrez swiftly put together a plan, explained what she would be doing and why, and outlined her very fair costs. She also examined my crown and bridge and gave me some options about that.

I explained some allergies I have with adrenaline in anesthetics, so Dr. Melendrez used a different anesthetic that was administered by computer. We spent an entire day removing and replacing the amalgams, following the Huggins protocol (dental dams, oxygen and aroma therapy).

I was comfortable the entire time and once the anesthetic dosage was adjusted can honestly say I felt no pain.

All in all, I thought Dr. Melendrez gave me better, more professional care than I’ve gotten over the years from my American dentists. I highly recommend her.

– Dave, Los Angeles, CA

Her Holistic protocol made me feel safe!

mySan Diego dentist in Tijuana

I really enjoyed my experience with Dr Criss. I needed lots of work. I had all my old mercury fillings replaced and needed a couple crowns. Dr Criss Holistic removal standards made me feel very safe.

Dr Criss took time to go over the treatment plan with me and made sure I understood it. She did everything beautifully and made sure that I was very comfortable during the process.

The office is located in a very convenient and safe place, crossing the border and taxi ride was easy, I didn’t have to worry about coming here alone at all.

The office staff is super friendly and helpful: I don’t speak Spanish but they all speak great English.

I highly recommend Dr Criss to everyone who wants a affordable professional dental work.

Michelle B., San Diego, CA

Marrise testimony – 16 new crowns

Cosmetic dentist in Tijuana reviews doing great job

Dentist in San Diego can't compete with dentists in Tijuana reviews no more

Happy patient with Tijuana dentist reviews 's dental work

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Cosmetic dentist in Tijuana Orthodontist too

85% of our patients are Americans and Canadians they love our services!

Dental Treatments Our Prices Us Prices
Exam & Evaluation $20 $130
Regular Cleaning $60 $150
Composite Filling $60-100 $150
Root Canal by specialist $250 $900
Standard Ceramic Crowns (metal/ceramic) $350 $950
Emax & Zirconium Ceramic Crowns $500 $1450
Titanium dental implants $990 $2250

Irene’s testimony

Of course I was wondering if the Mexican dentist schools were at the top of the technology like in Canada & USA. Well let me tell you that I had as good service as anywhere else and as a bonus I had an exceptional person who was giving me all her professional attention while working in my mouth.
I am very satisfied. I now have an extra-ordinary smile, not just because of the dentist good work, but also for the great deal I’ve made by going to Tijuana. I am suggesting to everyone I know to go see Doctor Criss in Tijuana, even from Canada it’s worth the trip.