San Diego dentistry – Save money with dental care in Tijuana

Nowadays, Americans have started to travel to Mexico for their dental treatments despite the availability of American dentists just a few blocks away in their locality. The reason behind this is in the Mexican dental tourism quality and price.

Tijuana dentist offer quality dentistry at much better price than San Diego DentistsMany Americans cross the south border simply because they lack dental insurance or have poor insurance coverage. Dental tourism include patients who wish to spend around $50 for dental cleaning as well as tourists who require full month restoration for which they are generally charged from 30,000 to $50,000 by their dentist in US!

The tradition of dental tourism started a few decades ago on the border regions of Mexico such as San Diego and Tijuana. Because dental care was much cheaper when compared to the dental offices in San Diego, relatives living across the border recommended a dentist in Tijuana. This trend began to spread fast especially among the seniors living in retirement communities. Slowly the media started to bring attention to dental tourism in Mexico and it eventually became a spotlight. People started sharing their wonderful experiences about the dental facilities available in Tijuana that had enabled them to save thousands of dollars.

U.S. citizens can save up to 70% on their dental care in Tijuana. Many dentists in Tijuana offer the most advanced dental treatments to their patients. Furthermore, most of them speak fluent English and this makes it easy for their American customers who care about understanding their situation and getting the right treatment…

However, not all dentists are equal. Experience matters including the personal skills of the dentists, especially in Mexico, where you want to find dentists who have extensive training and are in tune with the latest technologies. This means that they care about learning and also about the quality of their work.

While having a dental treatment in Tijuana Dentist, have a delicious dinner at Mission19 While on your dental journey you can also have a great dining experience with the top chef of Baja California. You will be delighted with the ‘’cuisine d’auteur’’ of Mission 19, one of the best restaurants of Tijuana. La Querencia and their Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero, the ‘’Hunter’’, who created “Baja Med” Cuisine, will also impress you. You will quickly forget about the best restaurants you have experienced in San Diego or Los Angeles. This would really add a delight to your dental tourism in Tijuana. So why not go for a little long drive and save money and also some have fun in the process?

Generally, San Diego dentists are quite the same and they all charge high prices. You can find Dental offices in Tijuana that provide excellent services that will make you forget about dental care in San Diego.

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