You can’t be wrong with our Mexican dentist prices

Price-wise, Smile Tijuana dentists is right on for Mexican dentistry! If you find a dentist in Tijuana Mexico who is 10% cheaper than us, I would be suspicious about the equipment they use and more importantly, the quality of the material they will use in your mouth. If they are 20% more expensive than us, obviously, you are not getting the best Mexican price for the exact same quality.

Price list comparation
Dental Treatments Smile Us
Consultation $20 $130
Panoramic X-ray $32 $75
Digital Bitewing X-rays $10 $35
Regular Cleaning $60 $165
White Composite Fillings One Surface $60 $150
Two Surfaces $80 $165
Root Canal Terapy width Specialist $250 $950
Fiber glass Post and Core build up $150 $400
Regular Extraction $60 $160
Surgical Extraction Erupted $130 $295
Surgical extraction Impacted $240 $690
Standard Crown $300 $755
Porcelain Margin $340 $855
All ceramic Emax or Zirconia Crown $500 $1150
Emax Veneer $500 $1150
Emax of Zirconia Inlay $350 $1600
Crown Lengthening $300 $1300
Perio-Maintenance Cleaning $60 $435
Perio-Scaling & Root Planning/Quadrant $100
* FREE Exam with any treatments

Compared to prices in San Diego and all US cities, we are 60%-70% cheaper! And, you will find the same quality with us than in US or Canada. At Smile Tijuana dentistry, we assure high quality service offered by our qualified and experienced professionals, honest diagnosis, good prices, warm and fun staff, and a guaranteed work.

How much will you save by having your teeth fixed by us in Mexico?

It can’t be simpler: Smile Tijuana dentistry will give you a quote and we will discuss your options and the procedures.

It is very helpful to yourself and us if you can provide us with any dental records, such as estimates and X-rays, so that we can serve you better. Also, if you get an estimate from a dentist in San Diego, US or Canada before you get here, it will help you to realize just how much money you will save!

Emailing your records to us, and scheduling the different dentists you will see, takes time. The earlier you book, the easier it is for all of us.


When you take an appointment with Smile Tijuana dentistry, we guarantee the following:

    • You will save at least 50% off dental work you would pay in the US or Canada (typically varies between 60% and 75%)
    • Our dentists are thoroughly screened to provide quality and durable work
    • A dental clinic in Tijuana Mexico that is always clean, sterile, comfortable and air-conditioned – meeting or exceeding the North American standards
    • You will have the proper consulting and diagnosis before work begins, giving you several options on how to proceed and on materials to be chosen
    • Your dental work will be done to your complete satisfaction
    • We will repair any problem you may have with our dental work.
Price list comparation
Dentures Smile Us
Immediate Acrylic Full plate $350 $820
Metal Frame Partial $400 $1580
Flexible Partial $400 $1790
Highest Quality Full Denture/Arch $500 $1995
Individual Bone Graft $350 $855
Sinus Lift per Quadrant $400 $2725
Dental Implant
Placement $900 $2100
Abutment for Implants $350 $1200
Crown for implants $300 $1200
*FREE consultation with dental treatment
** incomplete price list, check with us for your specific needs.

tijuana dentists prices will make you smile


At Smile Tijuana dentistry our preferred method of payment is cash.

Note that we accept most American insurance, contact us to know if  we accept your insurance.


We offer quality dentistry at
a fraction of American and
Canadian prices, contact us to
see how much you will save!