A good number of Americans and Canadians are travelling to Mexico to get medical and dental care. San Diegans have also been trading their long time dental care specialists for dentists in Tijuana, Mexico. But how does one find an excellent dentist in Mexico?

A lot of people use the net to find their Mexican dentist by checking out websites and patient’s reviews to help make up their minds. But is this an informed decision?

Reviews are not always a reliable source to ensure good dental treatment. This is because patients who comment on the treatment received do not witness the job as it is performed since they are usually under anesthesia. Secondly, reviews are usually made at the end of the treatment so they do not represent long term results and most importantly, the patients do not know anything about dentistry, so, besides the aesthetics, how can they comment about the quality of the treatment they received?

how to choose  a Dentist in Tijuana DentistsSince websites and reviews are mostly subjective, the best way to get recommendations is through other dental professionals: a dental lab owner would be my suggestion.

This is one of the best way you can to find a good dentist in Tijuana or anywhere else in Mexico:
1. Locate the names of the best dental equipment manufacturers for crowns like the German Zirkonzahn lab.
2. Contact them and ask for the names of their clients in your area.
3. Contact the labs and ask their viewpoint on the dental offices with skilled dentists.

They would be in a better position to know the best dentists in Tijuana since they witness the quality of all dental preparations for crowns and materials used, therefore they can tell you how meticulous the particular dentists are.

Also, there are two easy ways that can help you detect a good dentist. For starters, you must verify the dentist’s years of practice. An experienced dentist will have developed skills and knowledge that can tackle your dental problem better and faster. On the other hand, a young dentist might be more up to date with technology and pay more attention to details as they will be eager to build a good reputation. They are also enthusiastic and not yet disinterested with their profession. The best is to find a balance between experience and passion.

Two simple questions can be asked to get a clue: How many years of experience does the dentist have? When were the last 2 seminars attended and what were the topics?

When going on dental tourism, you have to make sure that the professional speaks your language. Communication is an important key in describing your needs and understanding the options and solutions offered by the dentist.

Dentists in Tijuana are affordable and travelling from San Diego or Los Angeles to Tijuana for your dental care can help you save a fortune. You will find dental offices in Tijuana that offer the same standard of dentists in San Diego, but you will also find shady dentists and everything in between.

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