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Holistic dentists, also referred to as natural, biological or bio-compatible dentists, look at dental problems in a global perspective. They consider a person as a whole entity and look at your life style before recommending a treatment. Holistic dentists know that the treatment you are getting will impact your body balance, therefore your immune system. Overall, they will propose the less invasive treatment and solutions that will help improve your general health and wellness. dentist in Tijuana, dentistry, Tijuana dentists, dentists mexico, dental insurance

Holistic dentists use natural remedies to help reduce potential toxicity. Amalgam or silver fillings are avoided because they contain over 50% mercury. Mercury is the second most toxic metal after plutonium! Holistic dentists remove and replace amalgam with better bio-compatible materials. A test can be performed to see how much mercury your body has accumulated over the years. If mercury levels are high, you might want to consider a chelating protocol to remove it, as mercury seems to be a major obstacle to an efficient immune system.

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Old mercury filings contain cracked and leaking edges, which weaken the tooth structure because of the effect brought by the ‘Wedge’. When we remove the mercury fillings, we discover the dentine has turned black or green a sign of corrosion and bacteria occupancy.


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Esthetic materials are used on the tooth to restore not only the beauty of the tooth but also its full function and strength.

‘’Up until recently, it was felt that the mercury stayed within the filling. Now it is known that mercury leaches out every minute of the day.’’ www.hugginsappliedhealing.com

There has been a growing concern for potential hazards brought by use of materials containing toxic compounds. Mercury is the main element found in amalgam-silver fillings, and as long as you have silver fillings in your teeth, they will release mercury into your system. However, if amalgam-silver fillings are not removed safely, the level of exposure to mercury is increased. An experienced holistic dentist will use mercury-safe protocols to prevent such exposure. holistic dentist, biological, bio-compatible dentists

Side effect of amalgam (silver fillings)

Mercury is a neurologic, enzymatic, and reproductive poison. Side effects of amalgam fillings are no different from mercury. Because of this, women might experience difficulties with pregnancies, while both men and women might submit to problems related with neurologic and nervous dysfunction, and most likely a good number of chronic diseases can appear or increase.

Holistic Dental Health – Your Choice if concerned with Your Health

-The first thing a holistic dentist or doctor will recommend you to do is to remove all toxic metals from your teeth with the holistic protocol. The holistic protocol has been developed to make sure you are not absorbing more mercury while removing amalgams. It’s a critical moment where mercury vapors and particles can be spread massively and ingested by the patient (and dentist). Holistic protocol will prevent that.

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-Then, replace the amalgam by a more bio-compatible material. To restore, factors like function of the tooth, size of defect being repaired, and biting surface will be considered. Other things like durability, strength and cosmetic suitability will also be put into consideration when choosing the right restoration material. dentist, dentistry, Tijuana, mexico, dental
-After you are done replacing all metals in your mouth with biocompatible material, we strongly recommend you have your metal level checked (through hair analysis, blood or urine test) and go for a chelation that will help your body eliminate heavy metals absorbed in previous silver filings.

If you want to read more about amalgam toxicity and holistic dentistry, we recommend Dr. Paul Gilbert’s website.

Silver Amalgam Fillings Alternatives

Composite fillings:
Composite is a material made from combining a resin and glass-like particle. It resembles the color of the tooth and bonds strongly to the structure of the tooth. The glass-like particles cannot wear out easily, although composite material is used for smaller fillings and not areas (teeth) subjected to heavy chewing pressure. dentist, dentistry, tijuana, mexico, dental insurance
There are times where a larger part of the tooth-biting surface has been weakened and damaged. In this situation, ceramic or gold inlays can be used because are they are biologically bore, strong and durable.

Onlays & Crown:
The tooth’s strength is compromised as the defect gets bigger. A tooth with a silver amalgam filling develops cracks that might extend into the structure of the tooth. To help restore strength of the tooth and cover it completely, azirconium ceramic or gold full crown or onlay will be proposed.
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Stem Cell and Holistic Dentistry

We are constantly searching for the latest technology and best procedure for dental problems. We believe stem cells are a promising holistic solution to several dental problems.

Researcher shave worked hard over the years to find out applications for stem cells which can transform into different cells types. Stem cells divide naturally, can remain the same, or signaled to turn into specific cells for the purpose of building teeth, bones, muscles, blood etc. It has also being discovered that they can as well be stimulated to turn into specific organ or cell tissues.

Stem cells can be harvested from embryos and adults. Scientists at the National Institutes of Health discovered dental stem cells in 2000. Basing on the discovery, clinical trials on human to treat gum disease as well as regenerate alveolar bone (bone holding the tooth sockets) have been endorsed.

Also in another study, stem cells for jaw bone material production were also discovered, and are considered as relief for those suffering from TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) disorder. There are other stem cells scientist looking for solutions to transplant organ shortage, severe burns, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and treatment for arthritis.

Smile Tijuana’s dentists hope that soon we will be able to offer you dental solutions using stem cell, as it is the most bio-compatible choice; fitting perfectly with the holistic philosophy.

Read about Complete Tooth Regeneration from Stem Cells by Dr. Jeremy Mao. Dentistry in Tijuana takes dental insurance for holistic dentist, biological and bio-compatible dentists are the best