Affordable smile makeover and full mouth rehabilitation in Tijuana

Ready to transform your smile? At Smile Tijuana dentistry we can offer a complete Smile Makeover worth your money. Check out our packages to see how much you will be able to save with our Mexican dentists.


A natural smile is something you miss when your teeth are gone or in bad shape. Crunching an apple or tearing a steak, are a few things that you enjoy but miss out. You may also have low self-esteem when speaking in public due to missing teeth. Your remaining set of teeth is probably shifting or you are suffering from frequent headaches and strain?

Dental implant in Tijuana dental implants

At Smile Tijuana dentistry, we can replace your teeth with a new set that look, feels and functions like normal teeth. They are comfortable and will allow you to eat, smile, and speak confidently. Your new teeth can be inserted without interfering with the remaining ones.

The effects of teeth loss vary from person to person. When a tooth is gone, the surrounding bone started moving away day-by-day results in shifting of remaining teeth. Consequently, chewing becomes challenging. Dental implant can be the solution for the problem.

Dental implant is made of Titanium and looks like a screw. As the implant act as a root for the replaced tooth, it is positioned in the jawbone. After placing the implant, dental restoration can be done in a number of ways such as bridges, crown and dentures.Smile Makeover, dental implants, full-mouth rehabilitation

Mouth Rehabilitation

When doing full mouth rehabilitation, we mainly use implant technologies to restructure teeth, gums and areas surrounding the teeth. It may require one or more procedures to make it successful. Full mouth rehabilitation work begins with the gums, the teeth basis and then, the rest of the mouth. It is the work of a prosthodontic dentist to understand the customer’s needs and customize the artwork to fulfill the patient’s expectations. Today’s technology allows dentist to offer impressive results. The end result allows the patient to once again smile and bite with confidence.

Smiling is so much important in one’s life. So smile confidently. If you have any problem with smiling, please contact Smile Tijuana, we assure that we will bring your smile back.

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