Las amalgamas

The amalgam is produced by mixing liquid mercury (50 % of total volume) with silver (35%) tin (13%), copper (2%) and a small amount of zinc.

dentista en tijuana remove amalgamasDid you know thatseven amalgam fillings represents an amount of 2 grams of pure mercury? Please note that just one gram of mercury would lead to death if administered by direct injection.
As explained we can survive this dangerous mercury load?

Its absorption is slow. We must clarify that mercury evaporates and this gaseous form if it is highly toxic. It should be borne in mind that in the inner mouth superiors sometimes reaches temperatures of 40 ° C so that a continuous release of mercury vapor can be absorbed by the body. This release increases in certain situations, for example when chewing hard, use toothpastes with fluoride, eat meals and hot beverages or acidic, smoke or chew gum.

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