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Get 1 st Class Dentistry in Tijuana

for a Fraction of the US Price!

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“The whole team are the most
caring, gentle, compassionate and positive
I have ever experienced”

Karen, Los Angeles, CA.


We stand behind the quality of our work. Total client satisfaction is the best reward we can get!

Holistic Dentistry

Oral health has a direct effect on the body and can impact ailments development.

Dental Implants

Artificial tooth root surgically placed into the jawbone to replace a tooth that has been removed.


Reposition crooked or spaced teeth to give better functionality and improve smile aesthetic.

Smile Tijuana Dentistry: your biological dentist in Tijuana

Smile Tijuana dentists do art dentistry. Our services are available at reasonable prices. We offer the complete solution for dental problems including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, root canals, oral surgery, Zirconium and E-Max ceramic crowns and veneers, braces and overall mouth rehabilitation.

We use safe and biocompatible products to avoid any hamper or side effects in your precious mouth.

We make our every patient feel that he/she is the most special person to us. We build a relationship of trust with the patients. To ensure this, only the finest and safest materials are used here and we always provide honest diagnosis and few options to our clients.

We treat patients in such a way that they have a positive experience with us.

We try our best to make them comfortable. Nothing is more important to us than the satisfaction of the patients.

Get the smile of your dream for much less!

Dental treatments are much more costly in the United States compare to dentists in Tijuana, Mexico.

In the United States, for many people, root canal, dental implants and many proceduresare too expensive to bear. For this reason, they cannot solve their problem but stay with it. As a result, the problem becomes more and more acute making the treatment more and more costly.

That is why residents of U.S. and Canada prefer Tijuana dentists. In here, they are able to bear the expenses of their required treatment.

What We Do

Our Services

Cosmetic_Dentistry_02for a beautiful smile

Root-Canaldon’t lose it!

Mouth-Rehabilitationget functional again

Periodontal-Diseasesgum’s hidden infections

Oral-Surgerythe specialist you need

High quality treatment

A highly trained and experienced team of dentists works here for your treatment. They are all licensed and certified. In addition, Dentists in Tijuana only use up-to-date equipment. Neither low-cost nor bad materials are used here. All materials are imported from Europe and Untied States. Moreover, our dentists take care of their patients in such a way that they can feel comfortable and relax. At Smile Tijuana Dentist, you can get high quality treatment for every dental problem.
dentists in Tijuana dentist will make you smile dentist in Tijuana

1Besides our modern equipment, you’ll find a team of trained and experienced Dentists at Smile Tijuana: our dentists are all licensed and accredited. They will personally take care of your complete dental work in Mexico every step of the way – and for any work size from cosmetic dentistry to full mouth rehabilitation. Smile Tijuana dentists only use the best quality tools and products from US and Europe – no cheap material!

Holistic dental care in Tijuana

In present days, Silver fillings or amalgam removal is one of the sensitive and dangerous issues in dentistry as it contains mercury. To solve this issue, our holistic dentists in Tijuana have established a highly functional protocol.

With the help of adapted vacuum and oxygen mask, a technique is applied during removal of amalgam, which successfully diminish the possibility of poisoning.

Though it is little pricier, it will secure your health during removal of silver fillings.

Cosmetic treatment for a better smile

Smiling is the most important part of your beautification. It enhances your beauty beyond your expectations.

So what are you waiting for? We provide a cost effective mouth rehabilitation to improve your confidence with a more beautiful as well as a comfortable smiling.

We offer a neuromuscular dentistry combined with cosmetic dentistry to ensure a better result in a cost effective way. For more information, click here: Tijuana Dentist new smile.

Meet Our Dentists

Team of Professionals

Our Commitment

1Customer satisfaction is the most important matter to Smile Tijuana dentist. We provide only high quality treatment. We are aware of safety and cleanliness to avoid any harmful or negative side effects. Our highly qualified dentists offer services at a very lower price. Moreover, if a customer is unsatisfied with the provided service, we provide additional service at no cost.

Is Tijuana a safe place for tourists?

People often get confused about the rumor on the safety in Tijuana. Please do not pay too much attention to sensational news. Tijuana is a completely safe place for tourists. Even it is a safer place than many other cities in the U.S. The government of Mexico is concern about the safety of citizens and tourists and we can assure you that the city is peaceful here.

If this cannot comfort you, please contact us. We will connect you with our previous patients who are from the U.S and Canada. They may assure you by letting you know about their wonderful experience here.

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 7.14.24 PMFor more information, please visit It is a website that is developed by Canadian residing in Tijuana. This website will provide you with the information on hotel, restaurants and other important things about Tijuana.


What Our Patients Say About Us
Kevin S2

The best dentist I have ever had!

I had been facing problem with my smiling for more than 20 years. Then I heard about Smile Tijuana dentists. These people have done a splendid job. I have my smiling back with a fit and good mouth. Thank you, Smile Tijuana.

Kevin S.
San Diego

Less expensive than in the US while better quality!

Criss is by far the best dentist I have had the chance to find! She is much above averaged competent and detailed, and caring. In spite of a high quality treatment, the cost is way less than U.S. The quality of her treatment is so good that you can think of crossing the border without hesitation.

Marina A.
Los Angeles

Her Holistic protocol made me feel safe!

I really enjoyed my experience with Dr Criss. I needed lots of work. I had all my old mercury fillings replaced and needed a couple crowns. Dr Criss Holistic removal standards made me feel very safe.

Michelle B.
San Diego

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